Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pre-Turkey Extravaganza post.

Foremost in mind, the 18 people (1 half of the immediate in-laws) that will grace our wee home on Turkey Day…breaking down to approximately 1 person for every 7 feet of my downstairs......shall be extraordinairily cozy and warm and am maintaining positive and joyful attitude concerning impending event. Am at least feeling confident concerning the food part of things, as result of cooking practice turkey a couple of weeks ago to ensure that I still remembered how to cook one...resulting in resounding success, even with picky-eating-pre-school-set....hubs ecstatic over abundance of turkey sandwiches.

Cooper is in love with “Sawah,” the very sweet and adorable older woman (4 year old) who lives down the street. Alas, I have been replaced! He gave her the sleepy, pre-nap snuggles that I am supposed to receive the other day when she was here after pre-school! I knew I would be replaced eventually, but honestly believed it would not be when he at 3 ½ years old....and she’s a blonde! Oh da tragedy of it all! At least I still have my Gagey....even if he tells everyone he meets that I broke the car.

Additionally, am very unhappy to report that the squirrel that is possibly...umm, probably....OK! definitely living in my chimney recently attempted to kill me. I was in my driveway. I looked up at him sitting on the tip top of the chimney (this would be 3 stories up). Admittedly, I was not wearing my glasses at time of confrontation, but I am fairly certain that there was direct eye contact, me squinting up at him, saying, “I know you’re up there. You better get out of my chimney.” (I don’t think he actually heard me. I’m not insane enough to say it out loud enough for a neighbor to hear me, but upon further reflection I realize that squirrels do probably have an accute sense of hearing and he probably did in fact hear my feeble and empty threat). So I went to the back yard and came back to the same spot about 3 minutes later, the SAME spot in my gravel driveway and there was half of a brick! From the top of my chimney! I looked up. Missing brick! No squirrel! Now one could reasonably speculate that perhaps the squirrel accidentally knocked a loose brick off, but wouldn’t it be beyond the strangest of coincidences that the brick just happpppened to fall to the same spot I was JUST standing in??????? I think it was an overt act of hostility on the part of the Mr. Squirrel and by this act he has declared war! Undoubtedly the sequel to Snakes on a Plane is going to be Squirrels in a Chimney...a much more plausible and probable plot line!.... However....will have to play out after the holidays....

I do try to live my life with gratitude every day for my good fortune (for example…I AM thankful that I have a chimney for squirrels to colonize) and the vast amounts of joy and love that I have in my life. But let me take this opportunity to stress how grateful I am for my friends. I love you all and wish you health and happiness and full bellies and restful sleeps on this Turkey Day.

Chow for now my lovelies! And Chow Down!!!!!



Blogger mommyrox said...

Ohh I so wish you a happy turkey day! As for that squirrel...leave hime a plate. He will change his tune with food on a cold day. If not there is always Squirrel stew.

1:31 AM  
Blogger TheNeedleIsVeryFine said...

Glad you had a rad Thanksgiving. Very brave to have so many over! Maybe you and the kids could build a little squirrel house for your unfriendly invader - the trick is to get it to move in! Squirrel pheremones? It would be a Christmas to remember - the lights, the wrapping, and the scent of squirrel pheremones!

4:00 AM  

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