Sunday, September 17, 2006

It’s been busy folks, but I’ve been trying to remember cute stuff to tell you. Here’s some. More later…

Cuteness Log:

Gage has also started holding hands while falling asleep. He watches to see if your eyes are closed and if you open them he giggles and giggles. When he’s awake and tries to talk w/his pacifier in, we tell him, “I can’t understand you,” and he pops it out to tell us what he’s saying. He also does this in his sleep. He’ll pop it out, talk in his sleep (usually something along the lines of “No No Toopa, mine!” and then pop it back in).

Gage, at the playground. A little girl comes up to him and he pops out the paci, “Hi, I Gagey.” Pops paci back in.

Gage’s favorite play scenario: train wreck, you can hear him at any given time of the days in the playroom shouting, “Pood on da bakes!” (Put on the brakes) “Id too yate!” (It’s too late).

Cooper quotes:

I was concentrating on something the other day, can’t even remember what and Cooper came up to me all concerned looking and asks, “Why you eyebrows mad Mommy?”
Cooper comes into the office the other day and asks, “Can you come out here Mommy? I a yiddle bit stared (scared).” “Of what?” “ of wolves”……………we HAVE been having a wolf problem in our living room lately.

While driving in the car, we are stopped and the Daddy says, “Wow, look at that horse fly on the windshield.” Cooper yells from the back seat, “Horses don’t fly! Are you kidding me?!”

If Cooper asks me a question and I reply, “I don’t know,” he insists very seriously, “TELL me Mommy.”

Daddy weighs Cooper and shouts out to me from the bathroom scale, “35 pounds.” Followed up by Cooper shouting out, “Holy Gosh!!!” (Jojo, tell Ethan that one!)

McDonalds is called Old Miss Donalds.

I came home with groceries the other day, lots of groceries, including on bag of Chips Ahoy. Cooper saunters into the kitchen and sees them, saying to himself, “Aww that’s so sweet,” he heads over and takes them off the counter and is cradling the package in his arms like a baby. He walks over to me and looks up at me like an angel and says, “You are such a sweet Mommy,” as he smiles up at me like the sweetest thing on Earth. I drop down for adoring hugs and am cuddling him when I hear him say, “Can I have a cookie?” He’s dangerous this kid.