Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bye-bye JoJo.
As if it isn’t hard enough to make good friend….

As my keyboard gently weeps and as I’ve said before….here we be in upstate NY where we know no one and no one knows us (I’m talking outside of the in-laws, of course) and it is just hard, hard, HARD to make friends. You don’t make friends when you’re my age like you did when you were in college, not the lifelong, soul-mate type friends, the “I Love Lucy” friends who walk into your house like it’s home because it is. . SO I am extra sad to report that one of the few good friends that I’ve made here, one that stays home w/her little ones during the day and comes to my house with coffee and donut holes, toddlers in tow, has moved away. Damnation! The draw of family and lower property taxes and a good paying job for the hubs have lured her and her family to N.C. and far from our play dates at the park. And I am VERY sad to have lost her physical presence and sense of humor and her general overall sunshiny-ness that always makes me smile. She will now join the ranks of my e-sisterhood, beloved, but far way. She only left a few days ago and already, Cooper is asking where Ethan is, so it’s not just me crying in my milk over here. =(

It’s not like there’s no one up here that I like. There are a few very choice women that I ABSOLUTELY adore right down to their toes, but I don’t get to see much of them now that I’m stay at home mommy by day, waitress extraordinaire by night, as they live a more “normal” life and work during the day, so I really almost NEVER get to hang with them (you KNOW who you are, when are we getting together, btw?).

I miss all of you!

In honor of Jo-Jo, here’s another Jo-Jo nugget for your delight and amusement:

The setting: Jo-Jo, driving along with 3 year old and 1 year old in the back of the mini van.

Ethan, yelling: Holy Crap! There are a lot of cars behind us!
Jo-Jo: Ethan! We do not use that word!
Ethan, thoughtfully: Can I say butt?
Jo-Jo, rolling eyes: Okay, you can say butt.
Ethan, enthusiastically: Crappy Butt! There are a lot of cars behind us!


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