Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wow, where does the time go?!?!?! Geez!
Okay, so bullet points to catch up, then, maybe, perhaps I’ll keep up with m’blog on a more regular basis…..but isn’t that always my intension?

Here are the updates and random cuteness from the boys.

Nuggets of cute from the boys’ birthday party:

  • At birthday party, two of Coop’s great grandfathers sitting in the living room with him. Coop, in his GLORY, he’s such a party animal, toting his cup of juice around the house. One GGP said to him, “Is that your beer?” Cooper says, “No! I doan have a beard!” The other GGP, being hard of hearing as GGPs will repeats the same question, “Is that your beer?” Cooper repeats the same answer, this time laughing, “NO, I doan have a beard!” and cracking up, falling on the floor. One GGP to the other, “I don’t think he knows what beer is.” Mommy; smiling on the inside (and outside for that matter).
  • At the birthday party (we had a double party for the both of them). Gage trying to blow out his candles, but kept aiming the blast of baby breath up towards his forehead instead of at the candles. He was blowing and blowing and blowing, really trying hard, but all that happened was that his bangs kept flying up, his face was turning red and, of course, we were all laughing hysterically………Big brother came to rescue after blowing out his own 3 candles to help Gager blow out his two.

Random cute nuggets:

Cooper: current phrase in rotation

  • “I god an ideya.”………..he rarely has one to share, he just likes to say that. Or he’ll just walk around saying, “I god ideyas.”
  • “You silly Mommy.”

My mom came to visit, yippee…..

  • During the visit she took the boys to the toys store downtown. Upon our next visit to the store (after she had left), Cooper didn’t want to go in. He said, “We have to wait for Damma Taryn.” (translation: Grandma Karen). There’s some love for ya. Those two were like Velcro when she was here……..too sweet.
  • Cooper playing air guitar on his little plastic rake for Damma Taryn, trying to sing “Down by the Docks”……….Damma Taryn, not being versed in the lyrics to Thomas the Tank Engine songs, singing “I shot my baby down.” Cooper coming into the house and announcing to me, “I shot down baby Owen!” Owen being the youngest baby Cooper knows, only 2 months old. Amazing how the mind of the 3 year old puts things together.

Gage, after brushing his teeth, decided that he wanted to get into the water while brother Coop was on the stool brushing his teeth, so he climbed up on the toilet to try to lean over to the sink. He falls, of course, face first! I was standing behind him and ACTUALLY managed to catch him in mid air, his little face about an inch from the bathroom tile. He was crying, naturally, and I was holding him on my lap to comfort him, with my hand on his chest and I could feel his little heart racing like a friggin Indy car! Just as this thought was registering in my mind he sobs, “I stared” (translation “I scared”) OH my god! Talk about heart melt. I just about crushed him to death hugging him. Poor little monkey.


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