Thursday, June 22, 2006

Okay, another catch up post…… seems as if they are almost all catch up posts doesn’t it:
  • Cuteness: Got a fish tank. The boys love it. Naturally, one of the fish bought the farm the very next day, naturally Cooper noticed right away he was missing, so we had to tell him that he went back to the fish store because he missed is mommy too much………..feel free to use that one should the need ever arise.
  • Dancing Cuteness: The guys LOVE the new Mickey Mouse Club House that comes on Saturday mornings now. They both dance around the living room, Gage in his circular-I-have-one-wooden-leg fashion and Cooper has now completely adopted the same dance as Mickey himself, if you can imagine; both arm bent with elbows out and going back and forth and his feet kicking out in front of him one over the other, repeat, repeat, repeat, fall down, it’s hilarious. It looks like some sort of drunken, yet shockingly coordinated hillbilly jig.
  • And on that note, can I just take this opportunity to public thank whatever heavenly forces convened on behalf of not only the teenagers of the 80s and 90s, but also the parents of the early 2000s to bless us with the glorious gift that is They Might Be Giants (who, incidentally perform the theme song to The Mickey Mouse Club House...nice segway, huh). They also have a kid album called “Here Come the ABCs” which Gage is fanatical over and I am convinced is the real reason he knew ALL of his ABCs before he was 2 years old...surely it was not my half-assed, sporatic bursts of teaching them now and then, I'm so inconsitant. Can’t wait for “Here Come the 123s” which is slotted for release soon from what I hear.
  • Something for me not to forget. We recently rediscovered one of our books, “Five in the Bed”…ya know, where the little one said “roll over, roll over” and they all rolled over and one falls out…..that one. Well it totally reminded us that about a year ago when Cooper was just about Gagey’s age now and maybe a little younger, everytime we would read that book, and the Papa Bear would fall out of bed, he was throw the back of one hand up to his forehead in dramatic Scarlett O’Hare fashion and scream, “OH NO Da Papapa Beaya!” Likewise, the same dramatic gesture if we were in the car and the sun would get in his eyes and he would exclaim, “OH NO, da eyes!” Hilarious, have I said that before? I used to drive around the block, just so the sun would get his eyes again, it was THAT funny. Who knew these kids would be so frickin' funny?!


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