Monday, June 26, 2006

Missing you...

So the hubs is in Dallas for the week, at a training. When he is home, and since I work at night I only get to see him about 3 times a week...Wednesday evenings, Saturday days and Sunday all day and night. Now does it not seem strange to everyone else that I miss him TERRIBLY, just knowing that he is half a country away? It's not like I would be seeing if he were here, but it is somehow different. I miss him SO much. Somehow it seems that he must exist within my orbit, regardless of whether or not there is visual contact for me to feel happy and at peace with the, Sweetie, come home soon and come home safe...and don't go to any strip clubs with Albie.

ALBie! Now that's a whole 'nutha story that I am not EVEN going to go into right now!!!....stay TUNED.

So, here's what happened today at Case de H: You may or may not know how the little G likes to jump into the air and fall down on his butt, like he pretend falls and thinks it's funny? Well, today he did that, but caught his little nose on the baby gate. OMG! I saw it happen and it made me hurt down to the very marrow of my bones just to see it, so you can imagine how poor Gagey felt. I've never seen such a reaction. He wasn't crying, like hurt, like Mommy hold me and make me feel better hurt. He was screeeeaaaaming like PISSED to the Nth degree, DON'T F-ing touch me you mommy bitch I f-ing hate you screeeaming. He hit me, he was so mad. I don't really think that he thought I did it since I was across the room, but BOY! I have never seen him like that. Coopie better watch his ass if he ever tries to bully his little bro, I have a feeling that there will be a vengeful rath of the devil to pay. Wooooo, it was bad. No blood, but if an adult had done that same move, they'd surely be dead. Poor Gagey.

Anyhoos, what else?

Oh, the other day, we (the boys and I) are listening to the new Ditty Bops (LOVE THEM!) and there is a cover of "Bye, Bye Love," ya know..."bye, bye happiness"...."there goes my baby, with someone new," and all that Everyly Brothers sweet sadness....Well, Cooper....geez! Cooper lost his ever lovin' mind over that song and was desprately sad and crying over it. "Why her baby go away?"...lip is out, sobbing ensues...."why bye bye love? why she sad?"....sobbing continues to grow, hypervenitillating immenent. DAMN, this kid is SO sensitive! I wonder how many times the world will have to kick him in the teeth to make him jaded ................................oh................ (mommy weeping)...........

I love them so much.

Peace out for now my lovelies...


Blogger mommyrox said...

They are two of the sweetest boys!
I just want to pinch their cheeks!

1:01 AM  

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