Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hilarity at someone elses' expense is, as we all know, the very best kind.

From my good friend JoJo:
When her son was 2 (he also is TOtally OBSESSED with Thomas the Tank Engine)…well, the back story for those of you not living, breathing, eating, bathing and sleeping Thomas(...yet), there are several engines and the marketing geniuses over at Thomas Corporate Headquarter have come up with SO, SO many ways of weedling countless dollars from the pockets of adoring parents and grandparents, including have different versions of some characters from different stories. Percy, the green engine is one of these characters. There is Jack Frost Percy, who has ice cycles all over him, Chocolate Percy from a story where he crashed into the chocolate factory and Coal Mine Percy who is all dirty from an accident with some coal. Well, two year olds have not all mastered the art of good pronunciation. We mommies, hear them clear as a bell and don’t even realize that they might be hard to understand or misunderstood until we are in the presence of human beings who do not live in the Land of Toddler. Well, not surprisingly, JoJo’s son had a similar problem pronouncing “Percy”….it just well, didn’t sound quite like Percy if you know what I mean, but we all know what he means, so no big deal. UNTIL JoJo’s furnace had to be serviced, right about the time that the little one was VERY excited over the new coal mine accident Percy! While she is talking to the furnace service men, the little one is heard in the background soliciting play time over and over and over again as 2 year olds will…………and then LOUD and clear from the other room they all hear him shout at the top of his little lungs, “MOMMY, YOU PLAY WIT THE DIRTY PUSSY!” Oh, well you can imagine. The guys, with looks of mingled shock and disgust. JoJo, face horror stricken starts rapidly trying to explain that he’s talking about a train and the whole Percy and the Coal Mine thing……..I’m not even sure how it ended, I was laughing to hard to hear the rest of the story


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