Thursday, June 08, 2006

For someone who doesn't have a lot going on...I sure have a lot going on!
Okay, am making valiant effort to keep up with this thing under threat of physical beating from my very limited fan base which consists of people I talk to on the telephone more often than I blog....assuming that they'll probablys stop calling me for updates if I put them here....but oh well. We're reverting back to bullets in the intrest of time and space goes.

  • The little dudes, cute as ever. Today Cooper woke up from his nap CRYING and screaming, totally freaked out. I went up and asked him what was wrong and he was clinging to me and said, "There's a mystery in here." So, not exactly sure what a "mystery" is, but apparently it can be vanquished by a mommy with a blue fly swater, so that's what I did. I had to wave it all over the room and in the closet. There was some talk of footprints in the rug and a wolf walking on his toes, but otherwise, I never got more clarification of what a "mystery" is....stay tuned for further updates.
  • We were playing hide and seek today and I "hid" upstairs to sneak in a load of laundry and heard Gage (who, btw was not "it") downstairs counting while he was running around. He got up to 6. I told you he was teaching himself to count, little smarty pants. First the ABCs, now his numbers, next it'll be calculus or somesuch nonsense
  • DYI has stalled somewhat due to lack of energy, but here is the current status:
  • Kitchen, still in progress, still half finished with the resurfacing of the walls, but the good news is that the inspiration to continue seems to be returning.
  • Dining room: still not started, either going with a mango type color or two shades of green, not sure yet, if so, will put the mango-ish color in the playroom which is still not started.
  • Porch: Back porch complete, cleared out, painted from top to bottom and finished scraping and painting the windows and back door as well. YIP!
  • Back yard.....ugh, planning a planter for the gravely part under the office window, have gift card to Miller's Nursery, still have not used.
  • Front porch: am very lucky girl in that I got custom made planter boxes from Mother's Day to go all around the front porch....glowing! Still haven't put plants in them, but am planning to soon.....note, gift card to Miller's. Then will work on scraping and painting trim on the front porch (or should I do that first....ugh).
  • Upstairs bathroom......not EVEN started, don't ask, it is actually posing a danger to children at this point!
  • Living room; we got a fish tank.....the boys love it, one fish immediately bought the farm, so we had to take him back to the store "because he missed his mommy." Got a replacement as well as a sucker fish (whatever they're called) and a shrimp. I like that little guy, he's cute.
  • Friends; Jojo sold her house in 5 frigging minutes! She's leaving in July, weeeeping! Got to hang out with Mommyrox and Snark ALL DAY LONG on Sunday, awesomeness, it was SO nice! Need to do that more often. Les Mustard and company, where are you? I know you took off to CC, but Needles said your mobiles aren't working. Call us!
  • Hubs: on his way to Dallas in a couple of weeks for INSANELY jealous that he gets to hang out with my Albert. WISH wish wish I could go. DAMN!
  • Okay, I have some hilarious stories to post from Jojo, but I'll do that later.

Peace out my lovelies,

xo jh


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