Thursday, June 22, 2006

7 Years.........not at all itchy.

Chad and I celebrate our 7 year anniversary this week.

Since it falls so close to Father's Day, I had planned on getting the hubs a combination Father's Day/Anniversay present, not because I'm tacky like that, but because we're poor like that and I wanted to get him a gas grill since we left our grill in Santa Cruz along with the rest of our California lifestyle. Anyway that was the plan until about 2 days before Father's Day, as I was casually mentioning an ad we saw for grills, because I can't keep a secret like that, when Chad announced in no uncertain terms that he absolutely no desire for a grill and what would he do with one even if he had it?! Drats! Foiled again!!! So he got a hot air popcorn popper that he's been wanting for quiet some time, as he and the little dudes have popcorn everynight before bedtime, so he was quite pleased with that, but then I do look pretty damned cheap like that since that's all I had time to plan for on such short notice.

And I have the best and sweetest husband in the whole world. He gave me an overhead projector. It doesn't seem romantic does it? But it is, and I was so happy that I started crying, he's so sweet to have remembered that I wanted it. AGES ago when we decided the upstair kitchen would eventually be converted into the glorious and breathtakingly beautiful upstair laundry room that is/studio, crafty workspace that it will be, he said under the condition that I start painting again ("start again" as if I had at some point in the past been some fabulous painter...anyway). So, I was talking ages ago about getting one so I could project the images onto larger canvases because it's easier (and I'm lazy like that). That was like a year ago, at least. Never mentioned it again and then Viola, there's the projector. So sweet and always so encouraging. Egad, now I guess I have to do something with it....

Thank you Sweetie. YOU ARE THE BEST and I am the luckiest gal on the planet.


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