Monday, June 26, 2006

Missing you...

So the hubs is in Dallas for the week, at a training. When he is home, and since I work at night I only get to see him about 3 times a week...Wednesday evenings, Saturday days and Sunday all day and night. Now does it not seem strange to everyone else that I miss him TERRIBLY, just knowing that he is half a country away? It's not like I would be seeing if he were here, but it is somehow different. I miss him SO much. Somehow it seems that he must exist within my orbit, regardless of whether or not there is visual contact for me to feel happy and at peace with the, Sweetie, come home soon and come home safe...and don't go to any strip clubs with Albie.

ALBie! Now that's a whole 'nutha story that I am not EVEN going to go into right now!!!....stay TUNED.

So, here's what happened today at Case de H: You may or may not know how the little G likes to jump into the air and fall down on his butt, like he pretend falls and thinks it's funny? Well, today he did that, but caught his little nose on the baby gate. OMG! I saw it happen and it made me hurt down to the very marrow of my bones just to see it, so you can imagine how poor Gagey felt. I've never seen such a reaction. He wasn't crying, like hurt, like Mommy hold me and make me feel better hurt. He was screeeeaaaaming like PISSED to the Nth degree, DON'T F-ing touch me you mommy bitch I f-ing hate you screeeaming. He hit me, he was so mad. I don't really think that he thought I did it since I was across the room, but BOY! I have never seen him like that. Coopie better watch his ass if he ever tries to bully his little bro, I have a feeling that there will be a vengeful rath of the devil to pay. Wooooo, it was bad. No blood, but if an adult had done that same move, they'd surely be dead. Poor Gagey.

Anyhoos, what else?

Oh, the other day, we (the boys and I) are listening to the new Ditty Bops (LOVE THEM!) and there is a cover of "Bye, Bye Love," ya know..."bye, bye happiness"...."there goes my baby, with someone new," and all that Everyly Brothers sweet sadness....Well, Cooper....geez! Cooper lost his ever lovin' mind over that song and was desprately sad and crying over it. "Why her baby go away?"...lip is out, sobbing ensues...."why bye bye love? why she sad?"....sobbing continues to grow, hypervenitillating immenent. DAMN, this kid is SO sensitive! I wonder how many times the world will have to kick him in the teeth to make him jaded ................................oh................ (mommy weeping)...........

I love them so much.

Peace out for now my lovelies...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

7 Years.........not at all itchy.

Chad and I celebrate our 7 year anniversary this week.

Since it falls so close to Father's Day, I had planned on getting the hubs a combination Father's Day/Anniversay present, not because I'm tacky like that, but because we're poor like that and I wanted to get him a gas grill since we left our grill in Santa Cruz along with the rest of our California lifestyle. Anyway that was the plan until about 2 days before Father's Day, as I was casually mentioning an ad we saw for grills, because I can't keep a secret like that, when Chad announced in no uncertain terms that he absolutely no desire for a grill and what would he do with one even if he had it?! Drats! Foiled again!!! So he got a hot air popcorn popper that he's been wanting for quiet some time, as he and the little dudes have popcorn everynight before bedtime, so he was quite pleased with that, but then I do look pretty damned cheap like that since that's all I had time to plan for on such short notice.

And I have the best and sweetest husband in the whole world. He gave me an overhead projector. It doesn't seem romantic does it? But it is, and I was so happy that I started crying, he's so sweet to have remembered that I wanted it. AGES ago when we decided the upstair kitchen would eventually be converted into the glorious and breathtakingly beautiful upstair laundry room that is/studio, crafty workspace that it will be, he said under the condition that I start painting again ("start again" as if I had at some point in the past been some fabulous painter...anyway). So, I was talking ages ago about getting one so I could project the images onto larger canvases because it's easier (and I'm lazy like that). That was like a year ago, at least. Never mentioned it again and then Viola, there's the projector. So sweet and always so encouraging. Egad, now I guess I have to do something with it....

Thank you Sweetie. YOU ARE THE BEST and I am the luckiest gal on the planet.

Okay, another catch up post…… seems as if they are almost all catch up posts doesn’t it:
  • Cuteness: Got a fish tank. The boys love it. Naturally, one of the fish bought the farm the very next day, naturally Cooper noticed right away he was missing, so we had to tell him that he went back to the fish store because he missed is mommy too much………..feel free to use that one should the need ever arise.
  • Dancing Cuteness: The guys LOVE the new Mickey Mouse Club House that comes on Saturday mornings now. They both dance around the living room, Gage in his circular-I-have-one-wooden-leg fashion and Cooper has now completely adopted the same dance as Mickey himself, if you can imagine; both arm bent with elbows out and going back and forth and his feet kicking out in front of him one over the other, repeat, repeat, repeat, fall down, it’s hilarious. It looks like some sort of drunken, yet shockingly coordinated hillbilly jig.
  • And on that note, can I just take this opportunity to public thank whatever heavenly forces convened on behalf of not only the teenagers of the 80s and 90s, but also the parents of the early 2000s to bless us with the glorious gift that is They Might Be Giants (who, incidentally perform the theme song to The Mickey Mouse Club House...nice segway, huh). They also have a kid album called “Here Come the ABCs” which Gage is fanatical over and I am convinced is the real reason he knew ALL of his ABCs before he was 2 years old...surely it was not my half-assed, sporatic bursts of teaching them now and then, I'm so inconsitant. Can’t wait for “Here Come the 123s” which is slotted for release soon from what I hear.
  • Something for me not to forget. We recently rediscovered one of our books, “Five in the Bed”…ya know, where the little one said “roll over, roll over” and they all rolled over and one falls out…..that one. Well it totally reminded us that about a year ago when Cooper was just about Gagey’s age now and maybe a little younger, everytime we would read that book, and the Papa Bear would fall out of bed, he was throw the back of one hand up to his forehead in dramatic Scarlett O’Hare fashion and scream, “OH NO Da Papapa Beaya!” Likewise, the same dramatic gesture if we were in the car and the sun would get in his eyes and he would exclaim, “OH NO, da eyes!” Hilarious, have I said that before? I used to drive around the block, just so the sun would get his eyes again, it was THAT funny. Who knew these kids would be so frickin' funny?!

Hilarity at someone elses' expense is, as we all know, the very best kind.

From my good friend JoJo:
When her son was 2 (he also is TOtally OBSESSED with Thomas the Tank Engine)…well, the back story for those of you not living, breathing, eating, bathing and sleeping Thomas(...yet), there are several engines and the marketing geniuses over at Thomas Corporate Headquarter have come up with SO, SO many ways of weedling countless dollars from the pockets of adoring parents and grandparents, including have different versions of some characters from different stories. Percy, the green engine is one of these characters. There is Jack Frost Percy, who has ice cycles all over him, Chocolate Percy from a story where he crashed into the chocolate factory and Coal Mine Percy who is all dirty from an accident with some coal. Well, two year olds have not all mastered the art of good pronunciation. We mommies, hear them clear as a bell and don’t even realize that they might be hard to understand or misunderstood until we are in the presence of human beings who do not live in the Land of Toddler. Well, not surprisingly, JoJo’s son had a similar problem pronouncing “Percy”….it just well, didn’t sound quite like Percy if you know what I mean, but we all know what he means, so no big deal. UNTIL JoJo’s furnace had to be serviced, right about the time that the little one was VERY excited over the new coal mine accident Percy! While she is talking to the furnace service men, the little one is heard in the background soliciting play time over and over and over again as 2 year olds will…………and then LOUD and clear from the other room they all hear him shout at the top of his little lungs, “MOMMY, YOU PLAY WIT THE DIRTY PUSSY!” Oh, well you can imagine. The guys, with looks of mingled shock and disgust. JoJo, face horror stricken starts rapidly trying to explain that he’s talking about a train and the whole Percy and the Coal Mine thing……..I’m not even sure how it ended, I was laughing to hard to hear the rest of the story

Friday, June 09, 2006

Yet another form of love....

This one especially goes out to all my friends who are or ever were servers. Did you know that Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) also owns a Cafe in Pleasanton, Ca? Here is the an excert from their menu, I thought you would enjoy it, I did:

Our Philosophy
No matter how finicky you are, our servers are trained to resist the urge to slap you senseless. Feel free to ask for changes to your meal. We can add garlic, delete spices, remove meat if you’re a vegetarian -- whatever change you like -- as long as it’s legal. And if no one is watching, we’re flexible on the legal thing too.We are also proud to serve Petaluma Farms free-range chicken!

I so love him! Second on my list of celebrity loves only to John Stewart. I read his blog religiously. If you haven't checked it out, it's here:

peace out my lovelies,
xo jh

Thursday, June 08, 2006

For someone who doesn't have a lot going on...I sure have a lot going on!
Okay, am making valiant effort to keep up with this thing under threat of physical beating from my very limited fan base which consists of people I talk to on the telephone more often than I blog....assuming that they'll probablys stop calling me for updates if I put them here....but oh well. We're reverting back to bullets in the intrest of time and space goes.

  • The little dudes, cute as ever. Today Cooper woke up from his nap CRYING and screaming, totally freaked out. I went up and asked him what was wrong and he was clinging to me and said, "There's a mystery in here." So, not exactly sure what a "mystery" is, but apparently it can be vanquished by a mommy with a blue fly swater, so that's what I did. I had to wave it all over the room and in the closet. There was some talk of footprints in the rug and a wolf walking on his toes, but otherwise, I never got more clarification of what a "mystery" is....stay tuned for further updates.
  • We were playing hide and seek today and I "hid" upstairs to sneak in a load of laundry and heard Gage (who, btw was not "it") downstairs counting while he was running around. He got up to 6. I told you he was teaching himself to count, little smarty pants. First the ABCs, now his numbers, next it'll be calculus or somesuch nonsense
  • DYI has stalled somewhat due to lack of energy, but here is the current status:
  • Kitchen, still in progress, still half finished with the resurfacing of the walls, but the good news is that the inspiration to continue seems to be returning.
  • Dining room: still not started, either going with a mango type color or two shades of green, not sure yet, if so, will put the mango-ish color in the playroom which is still not started.
  • Porch: Back porch complete, cleared out, painted from top to bottom and finished scraping and painting the windows and back door as well. YIP!
  • Back yard.....ugh, planning a planter for the gravely part under the office window, have gift card to Miller's Nursery, still have not used.
  • Front porch: am very lucky girl in that I got custom made planter boxes from Mother's Day to go all around the front porch....glowing! Still haven't put plants in them, but am planning to soon.....note, gift card to Miller's. Then will work on scraping and painting trim on the front porch (or should I do that first....ugh).
  • Upstairs bathroom......not EVEN started, don't ask, it is actually posing a danger to children at this point!
  • Living room; we got a fish tank.....the boys love it, one fish immediately bought the farm, so we had to take him back to the store "because he missed his mommy." Got a replacement as well as a sucker fish (whatever they're called) and a shrimp. I like that little guy, he's cute.
  • Friends; Jojo sold her house in 5 frigging minutes! She's leaving in July, weeeeping! Got to hang out with Mommyrox and Snark ALL DAY LONG on Sunday, awesomeness, it was SO nice! Need to do that more often. Les Mustard and company, where are you? I know you took off to CC, but Needles said your mobiles aren't working. Call us!
  • Hubs: on his way to Dallas in a couple of weeks for INSANELY jealous that he gets to hang out with my Albert. WISH wish wish I could go. DAMN!
  • Okay, I have some hilarious stories to post from Jojo, but I'll do that later.

Peace out my lovelies,

xo jh

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wow, where does the time go?!?!?! Geez!
Okay, so bullet points to catch up, then, maybe, perhaps I’ll keep up with m’blog on a more regular basis…..but isn’t that always my intension?

Here are the updates and random cuteness from the boys.

Nuggets of cute from the boys’ birthday party:

  • At birthday party, two of Coop’s great grandfathers sitting in the living room with him. Coop, in his GLORY, he’s such a party animal, toting his cup of juice around the house. One GGP said to him, “Is that your beer?” Cooper says, “No! I doan have a beard!” The other GGP, being hard of hearing as GGPs will repeats the same question, “Is that your beer?” Cooper repeats the same answer, this time laughing, “NO, I doan have a beard!” and cracking up, falling on the floor. One GGP to the other, “I don’t think he knows what beer is.” Mommy; smiling on the inside (and outside for that matter).
  • At the birthday party (we had a double party for the both of them). Gage trying to blow out his candles, but kept aiming the blast of baby breath up towards his forehead instead of at the candles. He was blowing and blowing and blowing, really trying hard, but all that happened was that his bangs kept flying up, his face was turning red and, of course, we were all laughing hysterically………Big brother came to rescue after blowing out his own 3 candles to help Gager blow out his two.

Random cute nuggets:

Cooper: current phrase in rotation

  • “I god an ideya.”………..he rarely has one to share, he just likes to say that. Or he’ll just walk around saying, “I god ideyas.”
  • “You silly Mommy.”

My mom came to visit, yippee…..

  • During the visit she took the boys to the toys store downtown. Upon our next visit to the store (after she had left), Cooper didn’t want to go in. He said, “We have to wait for Damma Taryn.” (translation: Grandma Karen). There’s some love for ya. Those two were like Velcro when she was here……..too sweet.
  • Cooper playing air guitar on his little plastic rake for Damma Taryn, trying to sing “Down by the Docks”……….Damma Taryn, not being versed in the lyrics to Thomas the Tank Engine songs, singing “I shot my baby down.” Cooper coming into the house and announcing to me, “I shot down baby Owen!” Owen being the youngest baby Cooper knows, only 2 months old. Amazing how the mind of the 3 year old puts things together.

Gage, after brushing his teeth, decided that he wanted to get into the water while brother Coop was on the stool brushing his teeth, so he climbed up on the toilet to try to lean over to the sink. He falls, of course, face first! I was standing behind him and ACTUALLY managed to catch him in mid air, his little face about an inch from the bathroom tile. He was crying, naturally, and I was holding him on my lap to comfort him, with my hand on his chest and I could feel his little heart racing like a friggin Indy car! Just as this thought was registering in my mind he sobs, “I stared” (translation “I scared”) OH my god! Talk about heart melt. I just about crushed him to death hugging him. Poor little monkey.