Monday, May 08, 2006


Hey gang, finally out of our fog over here at Casa de H. There's nothing like working your hiney off, being totally exhausted and then getting a high energy infusion from literally hundreds of the preschool set screaming like rock star groupies and jumping up and down in sheer excitement over the presence of the "real" Thomas the Tank Engine to reallign your mental state.

As you know, but may or may not have noted, Friday was Cinquo de Mayo which translates to a big ole ass-whoopin night of endless margaritas and fajitas if you are a waitress as a TexMex establishment. That was my Friday (apologies to Miss CEO for missing the party which was undoubtedly winding down by the time my tired ass clocked out).

Yesterday we took the boys to see Thomas the Tank Engine, the "real" Thomas. We hoofed it all the way down to Medina along with Gma S, meeting up with Coop's new best buddy Elishia(sp?) and his dad on the way. What fun! The boys had a fantastic time. We rode on Thomas and Cooper was dazzled by the presence of real life conductors, all he could think to say to them over and over was, "I brought my hat. I brought my hat," referring to his engineer hat that both he and Gager were sporting that day. Gage wanted to run up and down the aisle, of course. They played with trains, they jumped in one of those big inflated jumper things, knocking heads a couple of time and we spent the longest time in a big pile of hay throwing it at each other and me and other kids. There was music would be expected TONS of Thomas merchandise. We managed to escape with only 2 new toothbrushes, some tatoos and one new train..........I did notice that Gma S left with a bag too which I wager will shows up at their upcoming joint birthday party. Cooper was jumping up and down, waving with both of his hands, screaming, "Thomas! Hi Thomas! Thomas! Ahh!!!" It was a grand day. Just watching all the sheer, unfiltered joy and amazement was enough to inspire awe in the most jaded heart. Hurray for Thomas!

Other cuteness and random updates as follows:

  • belated happy b-day to WF of the UK, sorry we didn't get to talk to you, hope the singing on the message wasn't too unbearable.
  • congrats to the Dallas W's on the impending move to CC. Yipee! =) Can we come too?
  • Cuteness: riding in the super cool minivan, windows down, we stop at a traffic light, Cooper:" More (signing for "more" while he says this). More. More wind?" Light turns green, we go, Cooper, giggling like mad, yelling, "It tickles! It tickles!" and thrashing around in his carseat giggling, gets Gage all cracked up too, gets Mommy all cracked up too, we are all three driving down the road cackling like mad..........again with the unfiltered joy!
  • Gage, now that he's figured out how to say "Mommy" he says it all day long, seemingly delighted by the sound of it. I can hear his little raspy voice now, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy." That is how he calls me everytime, running towards me and throwing his body on my with a big smile. Just call me Triple M!
  • The back porch is done! For those of you who've been to my house and had to scale the potential avalanche of empty boxes and sundry crap mountain that seems to have perpetually piled up on our back porch, you will really appreciate what a huge effort this took. All is gone, porch has been painted (walls, ceiling, floor) and now holds only a rug, a bench, two baskets for shoes and two shelves reserved for plants, hats, sunscreen and sandy clothes (oh and super cute new curtains that I made, yeah WalMart $1 per yard fabric sales).
  • Speaking of sand...sand box is in! Yipee! Unexpected results: sand all over the house (note previous bullet re: porch, now used as clothes stripping station for sandy tots) and 2 poopy diapers filled with, what else, SAND. Gross............much like catlitter in a diaper, go the bathtub, go directly to the bathtub, do not pass go.
  • Speaking of poop........what a segway........COOPER completed his 10th poo in the potty! (insert trumpets sounding) and a special trip was made to the local purveyor of plastic goods and the Thomas Boulder Set was purchased as negotiated in previous talks with the tot. Hip Hip Hooray!
  • Cute quotes from the mouth of Cooper this week, "Never trust a bunny!" Especially cute from the tot with his already angelic voice, squeaked up to imitate a squirrel.
  • Other cuteness, in the minivan: All the way to Thomas yesterday Cooper kept talking to Gma S who was sitting behind him, "Granma, what are you doing?" "Granma, I love you." SO Sweet.......Gma=very happy Gma, lots of Gma smiles.
  • Cuteness: Cooper signing "I've Been Working on the Railroad" in his carseat on the say to Thomas, playing a french fry like it was a that on video!
  • Cuteness: Gage, who thinks it's hilarious to spit his pacifier out so it goes flying across the car, substituting his big toe for the spit out paci, it's just about the same size, better try to keep shoes on him until he outgrows that.
  • Cuteness: Cooper and Elisha hugging each other goodbye after Thomas. DANG they are SO sweet together.

Okay, that's it my lovelies, you should probably get back to work anyway..........long post! Sorry, but I guess there was some catching up to do.

love to all, xo


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