Thursday, April 20, 2006

Okay, in Snarkalupagus fashion, am bullet listing, since so much is going on and I've not had time to post:

  • Potty training success on small scale. Cooper has poopered in the potty (insert heralding of trumpets here), fulfilling his end of the bargain for the Thomas Breakdown Train.
  • New negotiations produced an agreement between the two parties for a Thomas Take Along Boulder Set in exchange for 10 poos in the potty. Concern: Cooper may give himself a hemeroid attempting to fulfill his end of the bargain in record time. Status: 4 down, 6 to go.
  • Gager: continues to fine tune is amazing alphabet skills and is now moving on to numbers. Astounding, considering it seems to be all his idea and not ours, I think by the time he turns 2, he's going to have run out of things to learn here at home, I better get busy and learn some new shit to teach that kid.
  • Upstair laundry room/studio space: Washer and dryer IN! (again, insert heralding of trumpets, add confetti). Thank you to the amazing hubs and his very handy dandy friend! Wooohooo, it is glorious. Now, we just need to get the fridge and stove that are still occuppying the space out of there. I think the MIL is going to take the fridge for now.
  • Office: progress stalled, currently have miscellaneous stuff in that space, more miscellaneous stuff being added on daily basis.
  • Kitchen: resurfacing of crazy ugly stucco walls half finished, arms sore and tired from overhead work, continuation of resurfacing on hold until end of week or possibly beginning of next week in anticipation of recovery of feeble phyiscal condition of arms. Damn my lack of upper body strength.
  • Weather: warm and sunny, in the 60s. Spring is in the air and we are hap hap happy (achooooo) about it. Windows and doors open, airing out the cobwebs of winter, both mentally and physically (cobwebs infused with Pug hair that is).
  • The guys: Both so insanely cute, I have to go now so I can kiss their sweet little faces and brush their teeth.

Peace out my lovelies,



Blogger mommyrox said...

Did you know that Thomas is going to be in batavia? Just thought I would share that bit of info incase you were considering a drive. Saw it in the weekend paper. Thought of you. Well the boys! Anyhoo.... achoo to you too. I hear you loud & clear and I am sending you and yours an endless supply of Bless you's. Much love!

5:43 AM  

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