Monday, April 10, 2006

ABCs and indoor playgrounds and warmer weather

Not much of a specific post, just a bunch of random thoughts since I haven't posted in a while.

- Gage can now identify all of his ABCs on sight and LOVEs the alphabet. I'm thrilled! He can't say Q or W, but he hums them. He dreams about them and says the names of letters in his sleep and breaks out spelling words everytime he sees them. Proud mommy.

-Last Friday, we went to Medley Center with some friends of ours to play at the indoor toddler playground. WHAT a total stroke of brilliance that place is! Every square inch padded! The slides are all made of padded material, bright colors, ABCs and 123s on the carpet (Gage was stoked) and kids music playing all the time. It's like being IN a cartoon. They ran wild like little animals and passed out in their car seats almost immediately.......We shall return.

-This morning, I woke up to Gager laying his tiny hand on my cheek and smiling at me. Such sweetness, the very first minute of your waking day, what could be better?

-Thank you Sponge Bob. The tots have been having very few baths lately, but Coop is now obsessed with it since my accidental stroke of genius at creating a very silly French character named Sponge Claude from a mini Mr. Potatoe head face that somehow ended up in the bathtub and the sea sponge I use to wash the boys. Coop: "Where's Sponge Claude? I miss him SO MUCH! I'm dirty, I need a bath." Too funny!

-Coop and I would both like to know what happened to Maz on the Doodlebops? Who is Jaz? Did no one think that the tots would not notice the change? We love Maz. Come back.

-Stop the presses! I've decided on the new colors for the kitchen to go with the fantasticly cool and hip light fixture we got for practically free at Chase Pitkin before it closed down for good. I can't believe how stumbling upon it with it's frosty orange globes has thrown my whole kitchen plan into total disarray for weeks on end. The picture I've been saving for 4 years (yes indeed it's been four years, the date on the cover of the magazine it's in is May of 2002!) is still as awesome and awe inspiring (at least to me) as it was the first time I laid eyes on it, however, the nifty green color just won't go with the frosty orange globes (flash back to the 70s)! I think really it's taken me the last few weeks just to get my head around the fact that I am not going to paint the kitchen that color. So, FINALLY, I've decided on a pale grey for the walls, charcoal grey for accent and a pale, very pale turquoise for the ceiling. It's going to look AWESOME, especially with the frosty orange globes. I feel more at peace now. Oh and I put up beadboard on the wall behind the sink, it looks awesome! And by I put it up, I do not mean that Chad put it up, I mean I actually put it up myself, as a surprise to Chad. I am woman, hear me use power saw! =D

-The warm weather is coming. Not a moment too soon. It's suppossed to be in the 60s this week. YAHOO!!! For those of you not in the Northeast, try not to be all surprised and smuggly in your toasty warm climates, I know you think we're crazy for living here since your bulbs have all bloomed months ago and you've been out BBQing since like New Years or something. I know that absence makes the heart grow fonder and that we appreciate our warm weather much more than you appreciate yours (I think).

-And speaking of absence...and on a more serious note... I want to send out some love. I have some people I love who are far away and going through some hard times right now. Miss Snark, I know you're hurting and I love you, that's all I can say, I know I can't do anything to change the situation. Miss Needles, I know you're not reachable right now, but I got your message and we are all sending you and you little sis our prayers and hopes. If you want to talk call me and if you want to talk about Leukemia with someone, let me know and I'll connect you with a friend of ours whose son is undergoing treatment. I don't know what to say except that our hearts break for you and we love you. And some general love to someone else in our family going through something really terrible that I won't even mention here because it's just not bloggable. I don't understand why some things happen and I don't like it when the people I love are hurting and especially when I am helpless to do anything to ease the pain. All I can do is love you more and hope that it's some small comfort.

That's all for now. xo


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