Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Sweetest Thing.

So Sunday night, Cooper, in direct contridiction to his incredibly good and playful mood all day, has a 101.4 temp when he goes to bed. Weird. Administer Advil, put to bed, all is well. Around 4am, he wakes up crying and puking and informing me, "I need the medicine." So, I carry him downstairs, do all the stuff we need to do, we come back upstairs to sit in bed and watch a Thomas DVD until he calms down...and I calm down...nothing will get the mommy adrenaline going like sudden, unexpected toddler puking and the ensueing cry-fest. So, I'm not sure how much later it was because I had fallen asleep, but not too asleep....you mommies know what I mean. And I hear the world's sweetest voice say to me, "You beautiful, Mommy." Oh! OMG, the heart. I opened my eyes and there's Coop laying with his head on the pillow next to me looking at me all sleep and, apparently, feeling a good deal better, for which I obviously received the credit in his little mind because I'm pretty sure the 4am mommy of puking toddler doesn't fall under the traditional definition of the word beautiful.....unless, of course, you are that toddler.

Once again, the heart has melted.......I wonder how many times this will happen.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

In reality……..

So I ACTUALLY spoke on the actual PHONE with a very good friend of mine today who said she reads this blog and thinks everything is roses over here at Casa de H, whereas they are barely hanging on to the last thread of sanity over at Case de W in the great state of Tejas. (BTW, Happy Birthday D’Don!!!!!) WELL, I’m here to tell y’all, ladies and gents that this just isn’t the case…..I just don’t write on the days when mi petite gang is driving me just a little bit insane. So, specifically for Sista G….here’s a list of what drives this mommy a little crazy on a fairly consistent basis, but doesn’t get a whole blog dedicated to it and I have the utmost faith that it will sound familiar to all my mommy and daddy compadres out yonder:

1) Potty training………C’s desire to hide behind any large piece of furniture to do his business while hanging on tight to one of my hands for comfort in baby monkey fashion………THEN wanting to sit on the potty right away until all poo dries on and has to be sand blasted off. Really don’t want to push it, he seems to be emotionally scared from the first, the one and the only time he tried to use the potty and accidentally peed in his own face.

2) The leaning, the constant leaning. C’s need to CONSTANTLY not only lean against me, but PUSH with his feet to maintain his position. I find I don’t even realize it, I just feel more and more irritable until I finally developed a pinched nerve, then I figure out what he's doing.

3) G’s reaction to the word “no”………..or “know” or “ya know” or anything that sounds remotely like the word “no” (even if you aren’t talking to him) is to do a throw down; throwing himself to the ground, usually on his stomach, but sometimes on his back and shrieking. My sweet and ethereally beautiful youngest son is blessed with heartbreakingly huge blue eyes, dark lashes and silky dark hair, flawless white skin and quite literally the screech of a baby pterodactyl. It makes the Pugs put their paws up to their ears and HOLY Mother of Christ, you just have to leave the room because if you try to comfort him or tell him you weren’t even talking to him, he starts banging his head against the floor! It’s horrifying.

4) C attempting to mimic the infamous G throw down……….but he doesn’t get away with it………..his heart just isn’t in it the same way.

5) Yelling at my child after the 7th time of telling him to do something and being ignored, only to have him miraculously somehow finally hear me loud and clear, so loud and clear that his sweet little face crumples into a mask of sheer despair, shock and horror. At which point, rather than flee from the source, he clings to my leg crying and finally squeaking out in the tiniest little voice, “you hut my feelings” and “I so solly, Mommy.” It makes me want to commit hare karri.

So, that’s all I can think of right now, there are countless things that make me remind myself to breath deep, choose to feel the happiness……….in with the good, out with the evil and so on and so forth. For everything they do that makes me crazy, they do a dozen things that make my heart melt. G was dreaming about his ABCs the other night and saying letters in his sleep. C and G nap in the same bed and the other day I was watching them on the monitor when they woke up, holding hands and talking to each other and making each other laugh before they decided nap time was over. OH, my heart, it was so sweet. G popping up by my side, countless times a day and saying in his crazy gravelly little voice, “Hi Mama.” The other day when Chad was getting ready for work, C threw himself on him and cries out, “Don’t go Daddy! I need the love!”

We got it.

The life, it is good.