Thursday, February 23, 2006

My cup runneth over....literally.

Can my coffee cup be too big???
Well, I would have previously thought the answer to that question would be a resounding and definative "NO". However, once more I find that mommihood has yet again realigned a previously held belief which I would have thought to be rock solid. Yes folks, I've come to the realization that my coffee cups are too big. My lovely, round and volumous, fiesta inspiring, citrusey colored coffee mugs, so long beloved are in fact too big. They are too bulky and wide and shallow to be manuveured back and forth to my mouth, one handed while preparing breakfast for and chasing down two toddlers. My lovely Fiestaware mugs are well suited to quiet, lazy mornings, warming both hands on the voluptuous curve of the mugs underside....ample enough to accommodate BOTH hands at once, reading the paper, perhaps sipping coffee or even skimming out spoonfuls of brown sugar and butter infused oatmeal. They are not built for speed. They are the martini glass of the coffee cup world and not meant to be the agile and speedy delivery vessel of the early A.M. nectar of life which I require to become human at the dawn of each new day. So every morning, I bid a fond hello to my beautiful mugs as they do their best to brighten the inside of my cupboard and reach for the ugly duckling white marketing mug that formerly held the pens on my desk at my former job. It's not pretty, it shouts the praises of the Portable Accoustic Sonobuoy Simulator produced by the engineers at my former job, but in doing so reminds me of how thankful I am not to be there at that desk. I pour my coffee and set about on my morning adventure. Fiestaware mugs (*sigh*) a beautiful momento from a previous life.


Blogger mommyrox said...

Do not pass on the beauty that comes with the grande mug. I too have a lovely mug of which you speak. I call it the Weekender. Its limited use not only brings me joy on Saturday & Sunday, it also serves as a fortune teller. If you can get through the mug without interruption than it's going to be a great day. Otherwise watch out someone is going to loose an eye fro the flying sugar spoon. :0)

7:04 AM  
Blogger TheNeedleIsVeryFine said...

I don't suppose this is a time to try to extol the virtues of not drinking coffee... the things it does to your 'energy'!! Sorry to hear the voluptious mugs are not making the grade at the mo. Imagine how strange it will be when the boys are off on their independent trajectories and the mugs come into their own again. Crazy thoughts! Hang in there lady; coffee or no, it sounds like you're doing a fine job in pigland!

4:55 AM  

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