Friday, February 03, 2006

The English Language....

...and the 2 year old:
So, as anyone with a 2 year old knows, there is a constant need to be the center of attention. Cooper must call, "Mommy" about 75-100 times a day. Or,"Daddy" or "Grandma Sandy" whichever adult audience is available to lavish attention upon him. I usually reply, "Yes, Cooper" or "Yes, Honey" or "Sweetie" or "Monkey" or whatever..... This recent conversation took place with Grandma Sandy:

Cooper: Grandma Sandy?
GS: Yes, Dear
Cooper: I not a deer. I a honey.

...and the 20 month old:
Should I be concerned that Gage's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds but the only new words he seems to be adding are names of Thomas Engines? Cooper, this morning added "Panoramic" to his vocabulary (his very favorite word lately though is "embarrassed") and Gage added "Salty". Of course, there are about 400 THOUSAND different Thomas engines, so Gage could very well have a very extensive vocabulary and still not break out of the world of Steamies and Diesels. Mama, Dada, Cooper, Hello, Okay, Bye, Chica, Buddha, D (he loves the letter D), Lola, apple, ball, sock, Cranky, Salty, Thomas, Diesel,Percy, Mavis, etc. Well, at least he's learning.......I think I'll have to make Gage some of his own cartoon characters made out of the Alphabet....of course, they'll have to have wheels and they'll have to contanstanly be in some sort of trouble having to do with derailments and ghosts and cargo and falling in ponds and spectacular and dramatic crashes and the such.


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