Thursday, February 23, 2006

My cup runneth over....literally.

Can my coffee cup be too big???
Well, I would have previously thought the answer to that question would be a resounding and definative "NO". However, once more I find that mommihood has yet again realigned a previously held belief which I would have thought to be rock solid. Yes folks, I've come to the realization that my coffee cups are too big. My lovely, round and volumous, fiesta inspiring, citrusey colored coffee mugs, so long beloved are in fact too big. They are too bulky and wide and shallow to be manuveured back and forth to my mouth, one handed while preparing breakfast for and chasing down two toddlers. My lovely Fiestaware mugs are well suited to quiet, lazy mornings, warming both hands on the voluptuous curve of the mugs underside....ample enough to accommodate BOTH hands at once, reading the paper, perhaps sipping coffee or even skimming out spoonfuls of brown sugar and butter infused oatmeal. They are not built for speed. They are the martini glass of the coffee cup world and not meant to be the agile and speedy delivery vessel of the early A.M. nectar of life which I require to become human at the dawn of each new day. So every morning, I bid a fond hello to my beautiful mugs as they do their best to brighten the inside of my cupboard and reach for the ugly duckling white marketing mug that formerly held the pens on my desk at my former job. It's not pretty, it shouts the praises of the Portable Accoustic Sonobuoy Simulator produced by the engineers at my former job, but in doing so reminds me of how thankful I am not to be there at that desk. I pour my coffee and set about on my morning adventure. Fiestaware mugs (*sigh*) a beautiful momento from a previous life.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Pig is Dead

So, my hub's grandma called this morning from the farm (which is just 15 minutes from here) just to let me know that the pig is dead. For maybe a split second I was alarmed as the thought crossed my mind that she had tiptoed over the line into dementia, but alas and thankfully, this was not the case, she's as sharp as ever that Gma Gladys. So the backstory is that, unbenounced to the local media or at least unreported, there is a wild pig that has been loose in the Bristol Hills and had so far killed a dog and attacked a horse. A couple of nights ago one of the neighbors called the farm at 2am to tell them that there was something down in the pasture scaring the cattle. So, Jessie went out and found that one of the cow was all gashed up and another had a broken leg. They were pretty sure that it was a bear, but at dawn Jessie went back down to the pasture and called up to the house the tell Gramps that he could come down and see the PIG if he wanted, however, the "pig" soon departed, probably insulted by Jessie's comment that it was "the ugliest pig I've ever seen." So apparently, this morning they found the "pig" had gotten into the barnyard and they had to shoot it. But, as it turns out, the "pig" is more like a Wild Russian Boar, complete with tusks and huge and horrible teeth. I would post a picture of it, but for some reason I can't get the pictures posted on my blog lately....but if you're really curious, go to Google Image and google on Wild Russian Boar. It's ever so slightly horrifying to think that my children have been running around playing at that farm (in the warmer weather at least) with this thing on the loose, it looks more like a werewolf than a pig!

I can't believe that I live so far out in the sticks now that my in-laws are killing wild boars from their porch! I asked Cooper if he wanted to go see it, but he said no...probably for the best...

Anyway, have a great and pig free weekend!

Friday, February 03, 2006

The English Language....

...and the 2 year old:
So, as anyone with a 2 year old knows, there is a constant need to be the center of attention. Cooper must call, "Mommy" about 75-100 times a day. Or,"Daddy" or "Grandma Sandy" whichever adult audience is available to lavish attention upon him. I usually reply, "Yes, Cooper" or "Yes, Honey" or "Sweetie" or "Monkey" or whatever..... This recent conversation took place with Grandma Sandy:

Cooper: Grandma Sandy?
GS: Yes, Dear
Cooper: I not a deer. I a honey.

...and the 20 month old:
Should I be concerned that Gage's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds but the only new words he seems to be adding are names of Thomas Engines? Cooper, this morning added "Panoramic" to his vocabulary (his very favorite word lately though is "embarrassed") and Gage added "Salty". Of course, there are about 400 THOUSAND different Thomas engines, so Gage could very well have a very extensive vocabulary and still not break out of the world of Steamies and Diesels. Mama, Dada, Cooper, Hello, Okay, Bye, Chica, Buddha, D (he loves the letter D), Lola, apple, ball, sock, Cranky, Salty, Thomas, Diesel,Percy, Mavis, etc. Well, at least he's learning.......I think I'll have to make Gage some of his own cartoon characters made out of the Alphabet....of course, they'll have to have wheels and they'll have to contanstanly be in some sort of trouble having to do with derailments and ghosts and cargo and falling in ponds and spectacular and dramatic crashes and the such.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

From Chaos Comes Cuteness

So, I have this mild, yet I am sure healthy obsession with making sure the boys like to read books. They’d MUCH rather play with trains, which if fine with me as long as they aren’t watching TV. Ironic that what has really got Cooper really interested in the library was a TV episode of Bear in the Big Blue House (I wish I lived in Bear’s house) where a storm blew a tree over onto the library. Anyway….so we have all these books and Gage is just not at peace unless every last one of them have been pulled from the shelves and strewn about the playroom. It’s been driving me crazy. I must pick them up 4-5 times a day. So, Cooper and I have just started playing library. I turn in my library book and he puts it on the shelf (however he tires of this game about 10 books into it, so it doesn’t work for picking them all up). Yesterday he announces, “I the Library Man, give me your book.” I said, “You’re the Librarian?” “Yes, I the Library Man,” and he marches over the shelf and puts the book away. He’s so funny. I think I’m going to have to buy a big basket to keep the books in……..yes, ANOTHER basket (for those of you who have been to my house and commented on the number of baskets I have holding the world’s largest collection of toys).