Monday, January 30, 2006

MIA - Returned.........I hope

So, it's only been about 5 months since my last entry (eek). Luckily, I only gave this link to a couple of very near and dear friends, suspecting (and rightly so) that I may get sidetracked by life in general and not keep this blog up-to-date. However, in these last 5 months I've made a few rather large changes in my life, for the better, and I am hoping that this will afford me a little more time to keep up with my posting, if for no other reason than to at least have a running record somewhere of all the cute things that the kids are doing that I know I will forget one day, but would like not to. AND there are so many fantastic people whom I love so much and am lucky enough to have in my life, no matter how far away you are and this affords me some forum for keeping you posted on what is going on at Casa de Herendeen, if you feel like logging in to check it out in the absence of actual correspondence on my part. The big changes since last August have been quitting my "day job" to be a stay-at-home-mommy with my lovely little ones. Back to waitressing at night (in order to be able to afford to stay home during the day with the lovelies). We've taken over almost our whole house, so are in the process of becoming a much more organized family (the boys actually have their own room now!) and we will, in the next couple of months, have the entire house which will add some "creative space" for us all, something we are very much looking forward to (creative space will include an upstairs laundry room - hip hip hooray!).

So, relaunch for 2006 and I'm even going to send the link to all my friends, or at least the ones I think will be interested as a way of pressuring myself into keeping up with it. Plus I have some plans that I want get rolling and being the procrastinator that I know I am, I know that if I tell everyone about my plans, I'll be more likely to act on them rather than let them lie dormant until they are just dusty piles of half-started efforts collecting pug-hair-dust-bunnies under the desk. You will be sort of a Resolution Watch Group........

Here are the current resolutions that I am working on (note, new resolutions not necessarily reserved for New Years):

1) Take my vitamins and make sure the boys get theirs every day.
2) Drink more water (really been bad about this since quitting my office job).
3) Be better at keeping in touch with the people I love.
4) Potty training Cooper.
5) Start teaching Gage his alphabet.

Let's see how we do, there are several more clinking around in my head, but I'm gonna start small and work our way forward. Here's to a fantastic 2006. May life continue to be as good as is has been so far.


Blogger TheNeedleIsVeryFine said...

Hola lady,,, from cold and grey london. Very nice to hear the news - loving the blog all over. Best of luck keeping it up, but don't stress yourself out with it - I think all of us understand that time and energy have taken on new dimensions for you. Hope all is well!

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