Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Second Day....not so lucky.....

The second day at day care didn't go as well. But, I was very impressed that they called both of us around lunch time to give us an update on how the boys are doing. Below are the reports from the hubs, funny, but sad:

8:39am Email from Hubs:
Both boys fell asleep in the car about half way here. Did not go as well today.
Gage really didn't want to go to Donna and Cooper wouldn't let go of me.
Once Cooper started crying and being clingy, it was all over for me, I
started crying. So here's a grown man crying with his two year old son
in the back of the day care while the two twenty something teachers are
looking at us asking if they can help. How embarrassing. Just can't help
myself. He was so sad. I'm still crying. What is wrong with me?

I don't want to send them to day care. How about we find a place where
you can drop them off? This is killing me.

I think part of if was that they were both sound asleep and went
from peaceful sleep to being handed to strangers. I'm sure it's totally
normal. Cooper was like that when I used to take him to Annie's and we
know that turned out okay.

Your blubbering hubby.
pm Email from Hubs:
I got a call from the day care. Cooper settled down after about ten minutes and
has had a pretty good day. Got a bit fussy right before lunch and only ate a few
green beans. He fell asleep quickly. They'd been outside for much of the morning
and he was exhausted.

It was nice of them to call.
That's the level of service that a crying 37 year old man gets. :)

He cracks me up!


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