Monday, August 01, 2005

First Day at Day Care...

Luckily for me, the guys have stared their new day care at one close to my hubs work...I say that because I've been worried sick about them starting and worried that they'll hate it or be scared being in a place they aren't used to or around people and kids they don't know. And, given all the horrible scenarios that keep playing themselves out in my mind, I'm afraid that I'd have a very hard time tearing myself away from their sides and leaving them there. Thank goodness the hubs had to do it and not me.......below is his report on how the first drop off went, it still made me weepy:

Cooper fell asleep in the car. It's going to be a very boring ride for
them. He slept through Gage being dropped off. Donna entertained Gage
while I tried to leave. He didn't get too upset that I could tell but
tried crawling after me when I went for the door.

Cooper woke up when I got in the car and we were talking about school.
He seemed happy but asked about Gage and you. I told him Gage went to a
different school and mommy went to work. He said, "Me too." I asked if he
rather go to work. He said, "No, go school." By that time we were
parking the car. I took him in and there were a few kids already there.
We drew pictures and then he found the play kitchen. We made pancakes
and ice cream cones. I was getting teary thinking that I had to leave
and was worried that if he started crying, I would loose it right there
in the middle of the day care. I finally told him I had to got to work
and asked for a hug. He hugged me and said, "Bye, Daddy" and turned to
cook some more imaginary pancakes. I drove down the road crying then
pulled over to try and call you from my cell phone. I parked the car at
work at 7:51. All in all, not to bad. I still feel weepy though.


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