Wednesday, July 27, 2005

How Sweet It Is:

Spreading the joy.....or at least that's what I'm gonna try to do.

I have what some would call a sickenly sweet life. I have the best husband, the best babies and the best two Pugs ever....or at least I think I do and I am thankful and grateful for them every single day.

I am also lucky enough to have a lot of people to love and a lot of people who love me. Unfortunately, what I lack is enough time to be good at keeping in touch with all my family and's my attempt at better living through technology. This will be my official press release of what's going on with us and what's going on in my brain. If you don't know us, you won't care. Possibly if you do know us, you still won't care, but at least I won't be clogging up your inbox with updates or baby pictures. At the very least, I know my mom will like it......

Enjoy the sweetness.


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