Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pre-Turkey Extravaganza post.

Foremost in mind, the 18 people (1 half of the immediate in-laws) that will grace our wee home on Turkey Day…breaking down to approximately 1 person for every 7 feet of my downstairs......shall be extraordinairily cozy and warm and am maintaining positive and joyful attitude concerning impending event. Am at least feeling confident concerning the food part of things, as result of cooking practice turkey a couple of weeks ago to ensure that I still remembered how to cook one...resulting in resounding success, even with picky-eating-pre-school-set....hubs ecstatic over abundance of turkey sandwiches.

Cooper is in love with “Sawah,” the very sweet and adorable older woman (4 year old) who lives down the street. Alas, I have been replaced! He gave her the sleepy, pre-nap snuggles that I am supposed to receive the other day when she was here after pre-school! I knew I would be replaced eventually, but honestly believed it would not be when he at 3 ½ years old....and she’s a blonde! Oh da tragedy of it all! At least I still have my Gagey....even if he tells everyone he meets that I broke the car.

Additionally, am very unhappy to report that the squirrel that is possibly...umm, probably....OK! definitely living in my chimney recently attempted to kill me. I was in my driveway. I looked up at him sitting on the tip top of the chimney (this would be 3 stories up). Admittedly, I was not wearing my glasses at time of confrontation, but I am fairly certain that there was direct eye contact, me squinting up at him, saying, “I know you’re up there. You better get out of my chimney.” (I don’t think he actually heard me. I’m not insane enough to say it out loud enough for a neighbor to hear me, but upon further reflection I realize that squirrels do probably have an accute sense of hearing and he probably did in fact hear my feeble and empty threat). So I went to the back yard and came back to the same spot about 3 minutes later, the SAME spot in my gravel driveway and there was half of a brick! From the top of my chimney! I looked up. Missing brick! No squirrel! Now one could reasonably speculate that perhaps the squirrel accidentally knocked a loose brick off, but wouldn’t it be beyond the strangest of coincidences that the brick just happpppened to fall to the same spot I was JUST standing in??????? I think it was an overt act of hostility on the part of the Mr. Squirrel and by this act he has declared war! Undoubtedly the sequel to Snakes on a Plane is going to be Squirrels in a Chimney...a much more plausible and probable plot line!.... However....will have to play out after the holidays....

I do try to live my life with gratitude every day for my good fortune (for example…I AM thankful that I have a chimney for squirrels to colonize) and the vast amounts of joy and love that I have in my life. But let me take this opportunity to stress how grateful I am for my friends. I love you all and wish you health and happiness and full bellies and restful sleeps on this Turkey Day.

Chow for now my lovelies! And Chow Down!!!!!


Friday, November 10, 2006

The Search Party.....

Okay, someone threatened to send a search party out for me, it's been so long since I last posted. So, here ya go C....

Been supremely busy, as usual. Still plugging away on the real estate, but have now made a conscious decision to take it DOWN a notch and just be sort of casual about it until the boys start school, as I am spending much to much of my time with them on the whole thing and it is having a negative effect, not just on them but on me! We are never going to get these pre-school years back, so I am going to enjoy them and have as much fun and as many hugs and cuddles as I can get while I can get them and before they start being embarrassed by their parents. However, I am happy to say that there is some activity going on in the world of real estate and it is interesting and fun, so that is cool.

The hubs is good, although we found out that most likely he will be laid off by next July. Joy! Don't get me started on the f-ing cancer-like-all-hail-the-might-dollar-screw-the-employees-as-long-as-the-f-ing-stockholders-are-making-money behavior of the American corporation! I don't suppose that there would be enough time for my Democratic Senator to introduce some legislation creating tax consequences for corporate outsourcing before he gets the axe, but I'm writing a letter to Hillary about it just the same. However, breathing deeply and attempting to remain calm, I am trying to look at this as an opportunity for him to perhaps find a new job closer to home than 45 minutes away, so maybe that will work out. At any rate, at least he's got a little bit of a head up about it, so that's cool.

My mom came the visit and we had a great time. Cooper and the mo are big fans of each other, two muskateers indeed and now he gets on the phone and extensive conversations with his grandmother now that she is back in Oregon, complete with shshsh-ing me to make sure I am not noisy while he's on the phone.

Gage is a drooool machine, think he has 2 year molars coming in, and as a consequence seems to take comfort in hitting Cooper, because of course that will make him feel better. Otherwise, he's awesome and really funny and talking more and more and sings and sings and sings. He's going to be a musician fo sho! Just this morning, to my delight, he was rocking out to The Reverend Horton Heat when it came on the radio.......he's got the beat!

I've been trying in vain to get them interested in soccer, which I understand from Mommyrox is the cheapest (equipment-wise) of the sport. However, I have discovered that they are pretty uncoordinated and can't keep their hands off the ball. ANOTHER mommy gave me an even better idea: SWIMMING! Speedo and goggles, all you need and the meets are always indoors, no sitting in the cold and rain (crap! totally unforeseen consequence, drats!). Upon which her two HULKING sons informed me that swimming and soccer would be good sports for them to get into if I wanted them to get picked on by the la cross, football and hockey players. I'm scared now, what if I screw them up by encouraging them to were speedos and be in the drama club? They are gonna get beat up aren't they? And it will be all my fault....

Speaking of beatings, I can hear them coming down stairs from the naps, hitting each other or at least yelling, "stop it" at each other.....gotta go.

peace out my lovelies.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Good grief, has it really been this long since I posted? I guess so.
It's been busy, busy, busy. I'm still working on the Real Estate thing, and being home with the guys during the day and working at the local eatery 5 nights a week and almost never seeing my hubs and potty training and not cleaning my house and not walking the pugs (poor pugs) and my grandparents came for a week long visit and autumn is here which I LOVE!

So this real estate thing is REALLY f-ing time consuming. And that is sort of stressing me out because I feel like I'm spending a lot of my "quality time" with the boys on the computer working. I don't want to be a bad mommy for the sake of getting this real estate business started and likewise I do not want people to think I'm another crappy real estate agent who doesn't work hard and doesn't earn their money....money? what money? no money yet, not coming in anyway, PLENTY going out though...NO problemo with cash flow in the outward directiono. On the positive side, the office that I joined is great. The other agents are SO nice and helpful and supportive and it's a real team. It's a warm atmosphere, everyone is encouraging pitches in the help each other out. There is a weekly staff meeting, everyone gets together discusses a topic, gets updates on what's going on in the business and everyone talks about what they are doing. The broker I work for is great, really seems to try to push the envelope as far as introducing new things and growing the business and supporting us agents. I can feel the love there, which is why I joined up with them as oppossed to some of the other RE shops in town. So, we keep plugging away and trying to remain balanced.

Oddly enough, I have managed to get the porch trim painted, well, primed anyway. That doesn't sound like THAT big of a deal, but it does represent several hours of work. And the entry way has been primed as well, it was a really BEAUTIFULLY stained wood, beadboard entry, but the wood was reallllly dark and we had to replace some of the trim when we replaced the front door, so really we had to paint it. It sort of broke my heart to do it, but MAN is it SO much brighter. I'm really happy now that we had to paint it and I can't wait to get it finished. I am also really looking forward to painting the porch ceiling which is is also beadboard and painted a dark, chocolate brown color. Painting it white is going to throw so much more light into the downstairs...just in time for winter, so GROOOOOVY! I've decided that the blue and yellow in the kitchen is just too bright, so I'm going to repaint that. Sometimes I love it, but it's really pushing the borders of acceptable and I finally got an admission from the hubs that he doesn't like it...he's so sweet..he really didn't want to criticize it until I told him it was getting on my nerves. So that will be in progress at some point as well.

Work at the local eatery is slowing because of the season, but is still good, except that they fired 7 of my co-workers all at once recently, for reasons that I won't go into. I think the situation was questionable and handled poorly and things have not been the same since. I know they will settle down and normalize eventually, and a couple of the new people are pretty cool actually, but it bums me out just the same. I really like(d) my coworkers and my managers and I know this has been rough on all of them.

Hubs is good. I miss him a lot though. I wish I could see more of him. But I did get someone to close for me last night and came home early, so we got to hang out for a couple of hours and stayed up toooo late watching two of the Mediums that we've had recorded on Tivo since APRIL! It takes us a couple of hours to watch 2 half hour episodes because we keep pausing to talk about stuff that we remember along the way that we wanted to tell each other. It's really nice when I get to see him. It reminds me why I love him so much, he is my best friend.

The boys? Why, thanks for asking. They remain the awesomest little monkeys and the lights of our lives. The cuteness is sometimes overwhelming, and sometimes so is the whining...but I wouldn't trade one second of it for anything in the world. They are pure sweetness sometimes. I took them out with me to check out some vacant land that some of our friends are interested in, we hiked it and took pictures, and the guys had a great time, they love to hike. But, it started raining while we were up there and Cooper suddenly yells out, "We're gonna die up here!" and started booking down the hill back to the minivan. It was so funny. He wasn't really scared, he was laughing. We ran back down, I had to carry Gagey. We bought some little pumpkins and put them on the dashboard of the beloved minivan for Autumn.

Autumn is here and I love it. We drove to Naples yesterday for nap time (and RE related reasons) and it was borderline dangerous because it was SO beautiful that I almost ran off the road staring at the scenery, the leaves and lake, the views. I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful area.

My mom is coming to visit soon. YEAH!!!! =)

Okay, LONG post! I gotta get the monkeys dressed and we're going to go to the park. It's supposed to be a gorgeous day, so we're going out to soak up some of it while we have the chance.

Peace out my lovlies and Happy Autumn to you all.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It’s been busy folks, but I’ve been trying to remember cute stuff to tell you. Here’s some. More later…

Cuteness Log:

Gage has also started holding hands while falling asleep. He watches to see if your eyes are closed and if you open them he giggles and giggles. When he’s awake and tries to talk w/his pacifier in, we tell him, “I can’t understand you,” and he pops it out to tell us what he’s saying. He also does this in his sleep. He’ll pop it out, talk in his sleep (usually something along the lines of “No No Toopa, mine!” and then pop it back in).

Gage, at the playground. A little girl comes up to him and he pops out the paci, “Hi, I Gagey.” Pops paci back in.

Gage’s favorite play scenario: train wreck, you can hear him at any given time of the days in the playroom shouting, “Pood on da bakes!” (Put on the brakes) “Id too yate!” (It’s too late).

Cooper quotes:

I was concentrating on something the other day, can’t even remember what and Cooper came up to me all concerned looking and asks, “Why you eyebrows mad Mommy?”
Cooper comes into the office the other day and asks, “Can you come out here Mommy? I a yiddle bit stared (scared).” “Of what?” “ of wolves”……………we HAVE been having a wolf problem in our living room lately.

While driving in the car, we are stopped and the Daddy says, “Wow, look at that horse fly on the windshield.” Cooper yells from the back seat, “Horses don’t fly! Are you kidding me?!”

If Cooper asks me a question and I reply, “I don’t know,” he insists very seriously, “TELL me Mommy.”

Daddy weighs Cooper and shouts out to me from the bathroom scale, “35 pounds.” Followed up by Cooper shouting out, “Holy Gosh!!!” (Jojo, tell Ethan that one!)

McDonalds is called Old Miss Donalds.

I came home with groceries the other day, lots of groceries, including on bag of Chips Ahoy. Cooper saunters into the kitchen and sees them, saying to himself, “Aww that’s so sweet,” he heads over and takes them off the counter and is cradling the package in his arms like a baby. He walks over to me and looks up at me like an angel and says, “You are such a sweet Mommy,” as he smiles up at me like the sweetest thing on Earth. I drop down for adoring hugs and am cuddling him when I hear him say, “Can I have a cookie?” He’s dangerous this kid.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wow! It's been a while, life has been craaaazeeeee! SO busy! Sleep? What?

Since last I wrote, I have:

-Spent a week studying for and taking my Real Estate License exam. Am just waiting for it to arrive in the mail (note to self: call and ask where the hell is the license, since I paid extra for same day processing....one week later....)
-Have signed on with big fish in our little pond local Realtor. Nice bunch of folks.
-Have written a "bio" for myself (which btw does not mention the truth: "let me sell your home, I have ZERO exerience, what more could you ask for?")
-Had one of those realtor photos taken...thank the stars for the hubs photo shop skills which fixed the renegade FAN of hair sticking up from the side of my head (note to self: smack the photographer if I see her again, why wouldn't you mention that? It was in all the pictures. She just kept saying "say hairy pickle!" Was that some sort of code for your hair is sticking up or is she just some sort of perv?). It was raining that day and my hair never does anything sensible, like lay nicely when it's raining. But, on a positive note, as long as he was in there, he also made my teeth a couple shades whiter than they are, no bleach needed, Cewwalllll!

So, am just waiting for my phone extension so I can order business cards....I don't know who or when realtors started putting their pictures on their cards, it seems weird to me. And I have to get some clothes. That is the part that bums me out the most, I can't just run about town in my normal clothing of choice, no longer throw a bandana over crazy hair, ratty jeans and a Deftones hoodie. Must look semi-respectable or at least like someone that you'd trust your house with. Sigh....maybe I could still do the Deftones hoodie if my jeans aren't ratty.... :)

So, that's what I've been doing and basically trying to get my business started, it's a lot more work than it sounds like. I think my FIL might give me the listing for his house....not sure actually, which is sort of tripping me out and making me feel very insecure. He's afraid it's been on the market too long and is thinking maybe he should take it off until Spring...meanwhile other realtor's sign still sits in the lawn. I did take photos of their house and did a little curb appeal makeover on it, it looks awesome! However, not sure they'll do any of it, but they shoooould. I'm not going to push it, if it happens it happens, but I'll be really sad if it doesn't.

And I have some folks who have told me they are looking for certain properties, but they are mostly casual I think and since I do not yet have my license, I can't get onto the MLS, so that is sort of making me crazy. Finally got the downstairs mostly cleaned up last night (was cleaning until 1am!), so that is helping me feel a bit calmer. Must tackle upstairs next and will feel a bit calmer when that is in better working order, as oppossed to total chaos. And then I can work on my flyers and my mailing list for my announcements and paying my dues to the realtors association and driving around checking out the properties for my buyers to see if they are what they are looking for and going to my training classes at the office. Still working at night since we really can't afford for me to just quit there and all this stuff above takes money (egads, the gas alone is ridiculous!), and I have got to find some reliable childcare, current situation, not so reliable (tip to sitters, if you say you will watch the kids if you don't get called for this job you applied for, DO NOT call and complain to me that they have not called you--in long detail-- but you can't watch the kids because you are going to the fair, you will find no sympathy here as I scramble about to find someone else). And, an absolute must is to play with the babies and work on potty training (still). I don't want to become a bad mommy just because I have all this other stuff going on. I just have to breath and accept that it's going to take a while to get things rolling. My first impulse is to throw myself into it full throttle, letting all else fall to the wayside, but I just can't do that, I'm a MOMMY now. I need a schedule and I need to stick to it and it will eventually start rolling along. I did buy a day planner, so that will help.

Special loves out to mommyrox (Missus Silly, as Coop calls her) who is having a very rough month with a sudden and senseless death in the family (not to mention 6 others in her circle!). You are loved and the care you give to your friends and family is nothing short of amazing and inspiring.

okay my lovelies, must run.
peace out and love

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Braggggging on the tots or just in total awe of them???

So I don’t mean to brag, but seriously, how amazed am I every single day by my little ones? It is, after all, one of the purposes of this blog to record my daily wonder at how their little brains work. So…

This morning, Gage, 2 years old, 27 months old that is, so not nearly 3 or anything like that, jumps up on my lap and is all lovey and morning sweety and yells, “Woot Mommy! 1, 2, 3 basstets!” And, indeed I turn my head and see there are 3 baskets sitting on the desk. HOLY CRAP! (Smothers child with kisses and praise) Where the hell does he learn this stuff? Seriously, he’s just now abandoning his pacifier for most of his waking hours and starting to talk and he busting out with counting already? (When he’s sleeping, he’ll take his paci out of his mouth to talk in his sleep and then put it back in!) He knew all of his ABCs before he was two. Thank you TMBG!!! Thank you, thank you, I love you!

And Cooper, this last weekend: We are all in the car. The hubs is driving and a huge horsefly lands on the windshield while we are stopped. Hubs, “Look at that horsefly.” Cooper yells from his perch in his car seat, “HORSES CAN’T FLY! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” That really cracked us all up. First the parents then the tots quickly joined in the laughter, although I’m sure they had no idea why that was so funny to us.

And today, while watching Little Einsteins (yes, yes, I know we watch a lot of morning cartoons around here, but we are slow, lazy waker uppers and that is never going to change…at least not for me) Cooper exclaims about Big Jet, “He’s just a bully!” with the sort of disapproving outrage that only a pre-schooler can effectively deliver….it did my heart good (btw, where did he learn to cross his arms and deliver “hmph!” with a decisive single head nod and frown? Where?). He knows that being a bully is bad……I will take credit for that one, as it’s something we’ve been trying to teach both of our guys. Assuming that they may both continue to remain in the 85th percentile on the growth charts, we thought we’d better start early on making sure the did NOT become bullies and trying to instill a sense of empathy and care for everyone around them (minor setback, empathy has extended to SPIDERS! Aurgh! Note to self: begin lessons on discrimination! However, bees are exempt from Cooper’s benevolent eye ever since one of them had the poor judgement to sting him, now they can all f-ing DIE! DIE! DIE!). So far it’s working on Cooper, but I think he’s just naturally empathetic…Gage? The jury is still out, he is, after all only 2, but I'm thinking he may grow up and go into the demolition business or perhaps professional wrestling or some profession that involves using your forehead as a deadly weapon (Soccer anyone? Oh, let’s not go there….).

Peace out my lovelies.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bye-bye JoJo.
As if it isn’t hard enough to make good friend….

As my keyboard gently weeps and as I’ve said before….here we be in upstate NY where we know no one and no one knows us (I’m talking outside of the in-laws, of course) and it is just hard, hard, HARD to make friends. You don’t make friends when you’re my age like you did when you were in college, not the lifelong, soul-mate type friends, the “I Love Lucy” friends who walk into your house like it’s home because it is. . SO I am extra sad to report that one of the few good friends that I’ve made here, one that stays home w/her little ones during the day and comes to my house with coffee and donut holes, toddlers in tow, has moved away. Damnation! The draw of family and lower property taxes and a good paying job for the hubs have lured her and her family to N.C. and far from our play dates at the park. And I am VERY sad to have lost her physical presence and sense of humor and her general overall sunshiny-ness that always makes me smile. She will now join the ranks of my e-sisterhood, beloved, but far way. She only left a few days ago and already, Cooper is asking where Ethan is, so it’s not just me crying in my milk over here. =(

It’s not like there’s no one up here that I like. There are a few very choice women that I ABSOLUTELY adore right down to their toes, but I don’t get to see much of them now that I’m stay at home mommy by day, waitress extraordinaire by night, as they live a more “normal” life and work during the day, so I really almost NEVER get to hang with them (you KNOW who you are, when are we getting together, btw?).

I miss all of you!

In honor of Jo-Jo, here’s another Jo-Jo nugget for your delight and amusement:

The setting: Jo-Jo, driving along with 3 year old and 1 year old in the back of the mini van.

Ethan, yelling: Holy Crap! There are a lot of cars behind us!
Jo-Jo: Ethan! We do not use that word!
Ethan, thoughtfully: Can I say butt?
Jo-Jo, rolling eyes: Okay, you can say butt.
Ethan, enthusiastically: Crappy Butt! There are a lot of cars behind us!